Nominating Candidates for the Operation of Your Corporate Boards

Corporate boards act as a level of oversight between the managers who run the company and its shareholders. They are accountable for establishing guidelines, supervising the officers who run day-to-day operations as well as ensuring that the business is legal and that its financial stability is safeguarded. They also serve as an intermediary between the company and its stakeholders, including clients, employees, vendors, suppliers/vendors, lenders and community organizations.

To fulfill these duties, the board must have an array of abilities and skills. The majority of boards seek out members with a variety of backgrounds who can offer advice and support in areas of concern. A board may require someone who is knowledgeable about international finance, or who is familiar with a specific regulatory body.

As a rule the law requires that all boards have at least one officer. This is to ensure that the board member is aware of and able to respond to any issues that might be faced by the management team.

As the general public gets more interested in their companies the perception of as an “old-boy” network is changing. This has led to more seats becoming open to investors of all kinds. It is essential to carefully evaluate the benefits and risks of any job prior to submitting an application.

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