How to get BLUR airdrop for NFT traders

And if your bid is successful, holders should consider not rushing to sell their NFT. The reason for this is that if you allow time for the market to fill up, you may be able to sell that NFT for a profit. There are uncommon, rare and legendary packages for users to claim depending on their NFT trading history.

  1. There will be a linear unlock of 1.2 million $BLUR per day distributed to the community treasury.
  2. You can earn Blur points by bidding, listing and lending on the platform.
  3. Additionally, washing trades for points using bots may boost a collection’s exposure and, as a result, the points allotted to it.
  4. Recent posts about the Blur airdrop have sent ripples across the crypto world.

To gain a jump start on the Season 2 prizes, you must start listing and bidding NFTs on Blur. This is accomplished by keeping an eye on the mempool, withdrawing any ETH from the pool, or increasing their announcement to revoke bids at the last minute. Any wallet discovered to be spoofing bids will be filtered out for Season 2 and exchange cryptocurrencies safely with this new application will not be eligible for airdrops, the team has said on Twitter. Blur is at cryptocurrency project that provides users with a decentralized marketplace for trading NFTs. This is where you focus only on bidding on NFTs that you could profitably flip. For example, bidding on new mints or older projects that still maintain support.

You can open the $BLUR token Care Packages received from Airdrops 1 best brokers game tips and 2 from the $BLUR token launch on 14th February 2023 onwards.

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Season 1 consisted of three rounds of care package drops between February 14 and April 14, 2023. Blur is a decentralized NFT marketplace aiming to solve trade360 pricing reviews and features in 2021 problems plaguing the current NFT ecosystem. For Season 1, you can claim your airdrop within 60 days from 14th February 2023 (i.e. 16th April 2023).

Besides using these factors, you can also improve your listing points by applying the following strategies. However, enforcing royalties on-chain is rather challenging. Traders get many zero-royalty options, aggregate them on market aggregator tools like Gem, and get a lot of traffic for the NFTs without allocating funds to creators. Blur is backed by some of the leading names in the crypto space, such as Paradigm, who led its $11 million seed round. However, they claim they have experience from Y Combinator, Five Rings, MIT, Brex, Square, and MIT.

How to claim Blur Season 1 airdrop?

The popularity and rarity of the NFT collection also influence listing points. The eligibility for Blur airdrop depends on the season and the criteria that Blur sets. For season 1, users who have traded NFTs on any platform in the past six months are eligible for blur airdrop. In Season 3, Bidding and Listing Points will be available on all collections at the same rate.

This is due to certain desperate sellers offering their precious NFTs for sale at low prices to create liquidity. Holders should immediately think twice before selling their NFT if their offer is accepted. The rationale is that you can sell the NFT for a profit if you give the market time to fill up. The exact number of care packages that users can claim depends on their ranking among other eligible users based on their total points. The higher their ranking, the more care packages they can claim.

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And the next cliff unlocks will be on 15th June 2023, unlocking 196 million $BLUR to all holders. BLUR shot as high as $5.02 per token when it first hit the market today, but fell sharply. For Blur’s 2nd airdrop, from October – November 2022, any number of NFTs you list on Blur will count towards your airdrop amount. Backed by Paradigm, Blur comes with 0% marketplace fees and an incentivised royalty system. Blur is a decentralised NFT marketplace and aggregate tool.

We’ll see whether Blur’s surging momentum in recent months continues after users stop trading with airdrop incentives in mind. Notable crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Huobi have already announced plans to support the BLUR token once it starts trading today. It’s important to note that loyalty scores do not increase the number of care packages you can receive during an airdrop. However, the score significantly improves your odds of getting more valuable care packages. Here’s a breakdown of the loyalty scores and how much they impact your luck in receiving a valuable airdrop.

This means when you hold BLUR in your wallet, you have the right to make decisions about the day-to-day running of the Blur platform. Blur token airdrop is a rewarding program for NFT traders who use the Blur platform or support creator royalties and loyalty. Unfortunately, there is no way to “game” the system to get more Blur points, and the Blur team are actively taking steps to stop tactics such as. Transferring NFTs for loyalty i.e. transferring NFTs to list on other marketplaces. Also, washing trading for points by using bots to wash trade in order to increase visibility of a collection and therefore increasing the points allocated towards it. Finally, spoofing bids by using bots to create fake bids that cannot be accepted and front run bid accepts to get points without any risk.

When reviewing an airdrop, there are several factors to consider. First, the likelihood the project will even do an airdrop in the first place. Then, to look at how many tokens the project intends to allocate towards airdrop campaigns, as well as the difficulty in participating in their airdrop. It is also important to look at the utility of the token so that there will be an actual use and purpose in participating in the airdrop in the first place.

Instead, while competing for Blur, the goal is to get competitive NFT pricing. Here, your only attention should be placing bids on NFTs you can sell for a profit. For instance, placing a bid on recent releases or ongoing projects. Blur’s scheduled April 2023 debut has been postponed, most likely until May 2023.

Additionally, Blur said loyalty would be the key to maximizing prizes in Season 2. However, according to Luke Cannon, using $0 airdrop anchoring is the best (and safest) approach for Blur season, two airdrops. In other words, to make lucrative bids solely and presume the airdrop will be useless. Blur lets users sweep and list across marketplaces, snipe reveals, and manage their portfolio faster than anywhere else. Those who get onto the leaderboard and further rewarded with different boosts of up to 2.5x for the top 100 point earners in a 24 hour time period.

Blur token claim requires users to connect their ETH wallet to the Blur platform and verify their eligibility. Users can claim or risk losing their BLUR tokens within a specified period. Blur is airdropping free BLUR tokens to users who trade NFTs. Users who actively trade NFTs until May will get points based on the trades. 50% will be distributed to Blur community members based on their Blur Points and 50% based on their Holder Points. Blur has confirmed that Season 3 will be powered by Blast, their new layer 2 with native yield backed by investors such as Paradigm, Standard Crypto, and eGirl Capital.

However, some fraudsters may circulate false links to the airdrop or make fake promises and link them to Blur airdrops. To avoid this, always verify that you use links directly from Blur’s social media pages. Sadly, there is no way to “game” the system to earn extra Blur points, and the Blur team is actively working to end strategies like this. Transferring NFTs in exchange for loyalty, i.e., to list on other markets.

So, there will no longer be any NFT collections that offer 2x boosts on points. You can earn Blur points by bidding, listing and lending on the platform. Lending however, is only available on certain supported collections.

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