How to Answer Interview Questions About Working From Home

Employers are looking for thoughtful answers from someone who acknowledges the positive aspects of remote work, along with the challenges. They don’t want to hire someone who will become unhappy when working from home isn’t what they expected. Don’t forget to mention how you prioritize tasks and what you do when there are multiple things that need your attention at once. Make sure you explain what steps you take, how you triage things, and that you aren’t afraid to ask for help when you’re in over your head.

work from home questions and answers

I’m very much a self-starter – I needed minimal supervision to get the work done in my previous roles. You’re pretty much guaranteed to get asked this question at just about any remote job interview. There are some specific interview questions that you’re bound to encounter in almost every remote interview. Before you can land the remote job you’ve always dreamed of, you need to pass the remote job interview. Below are 16 questions you’ll likely be asked in a virtual interview for a remote job, plus our advice on how to respond and sample answer.

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Whatever their answer is, this question will help you understand if they’re a forward thinker and how they might solve those remote work hurdles. Similar to other common interview questions, you want to get an idea of what a candidate might struggle with and, more importantly, how they overcome those challenges. Another great way to prove to the hiring manager you are prepared for working remotely is to talk about your ‘work-at-home checklist’.

  • In this case, the employer is looking for commitment and drive in a candidate.
  • I’m a developer turned marketer, working as a Product Marketer at SurveySparrow — A survey tool that lets anyone create beautiful, conversational surveys people love to answer.
  • One of the common problems faced by employers when allowing employees to work is communication.
  • Plan ahead and prepare with these 13 common remote job interview questions.

To answer this question, you can say that you’re capable of self-monitoring your work timings and keeping that part of your day separate from your personal life. You can express how remote work is just like traditional work in most aspects. In fact, remote work saves you time because you won’t need to commute to your workplace. This leaves you more personal time with your family in the mornings and evenings.

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On the other hand, if you’re a sales professional, the frequency of the meetings might increase to discuss any potential clients that the team gets in touch with during the week. You could need these meetings to discuss possible closures and negotiations. First things first, before we get to the questions, you need to be ready with a few basic things that are required for any work from home interview.

work from home questions and answers

Unfortunately, one of the team members fell sick and was off work for two weeks. I knew that I could either wait for that team member to return or find someone else in their area of expertise to provide the necessary information. I approached my manager and explained that the sick team member had expertise that no one else could adequately provide.

How do you go about prioritizing tasks?

Outline details of your past remote work experience, such as what you did and the hours you worked. If you and your coworkers were located in vastly different time zones, explain how you tackled the challenges and what systems you put in place to keep everything work from home experience on track. Discover the latest program manager interview questions & answers for 2024. Practice management and leadership questions to crack your next interview. As an employee, there are certain questions you may have while applying for a remote role.

I would also recommend you check out the following advice from remote work experts to ensure your remote working career gets off to the best possible start. If you’re undecided between remote working and freelancing, have a listen to this podcast. “I work well on my own and don’t miss the interruptions that arise when you work in an office. That being said, I find it really important to connect with my coworkers. I always make sure to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the company for workers to socialize. “My biggest concern is my ability to learn from others on the team.

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