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When employees face issues or delays in expense reimbursements, they are more likely to shift to those organizations that have better expense management processes. That means you’ll have many employees submitting expense reports that likely contain out-of-policy items. Some of those expenses will likely slip through the cracks if the finance team is reviewing each item manually. While some tools appeal to businesses with their simplicity, all too often they fall short on functionality and aren’t customisable to a business’ needs. On the flip side, some tools are packed with features and customisation options but require the work of a developer to get set up.

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With an expense automation system in place, your employees can take photos of their receipts and attach them to an expense report. You can also create automated workflows that handle all the document routing. Manual expense management methods often involve a tedious process of going through a stack of physical receipts at the end of the month, which often delays the finalization of accounting records. Automated systems streamline this process by digitizing the data from paper receipts and invoices, and automatically putting it in a format that’s easy to peruse.

Concur aims to drive automation, improve user experience with updates – PhocusWire

Concur aims to drive automation, improve user experience with updates.

Posted: Tue, 19 Mar 2024 07:00:00 GMT [source]

What is the traditional expense management process?

  • On a quarterly or monthly basis, they submit individual requests to their team manager.
  • Maybe you want to save time and redirect manpower to another part of your business, or cut down on fraud or accounting issues.
  • Regardless of traditional processes or modern ones done with expense management automation, you’ll want to keep a detailed record of all your expenses and reimbursements.
  • We are committed to partnering with our customers and partners to build the future of teamwork together, in line with the values we all share.
  • Here’s what you can expect from expense management tools, along with ways to leverage its benefits.
  • This way, your procurement team can work to negotiate a better deal for cost savings.

You can also simplify business or personal travel planning with ClickUp’s Travel Planner Template. The template helps you track flights and hotel bookings and share your travel plans with friends, family or colleagues. It is important to note that the choice between lump-sum and actual reimbursement depends on the specific policies and needs of each employer. Some employers may also opt for a combination of the two methods, using actual reimbursement for some expenses and lump-sum reimbursement for others.

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Move from manual to automation in managing asset acquisition, capitalization, depreciation, and retirement. Get rid of monthly, spreadsheet-based cash forecasts and use predictive algorithms to automatically generate a daily cash forecast. Eliminate redundant payables services with centralized invoice and payment processing. Eliminate the time-consuming drudgery and errors of manual invoice entry and matching.

expense management automation

When you automate your spend management system, back-office processes are faster, you avoid errors, and you can track every expense. Employees are reimbursed faster, and they don’t waste time sorting through paper receipts to fill out expense reports. Navan is an expense management automation software that collects details of business spend from employee receipts and business card expenses.

Speeds up reimbursement

Analysts also expected this year to bring a bifurcated financial recovery for the sector, where health systems that could successfully contain costs would recover more quickly. This intelligent warehouse simulation, designed specifically for warehouse environments, transforms how businesses model and optimize their fulfillment operations. Atlassian Intelligence allows teams to gather actionable insights from data faster than ever before. Seamless natural language interfaces let users use plain language to construct complex queries, granting flexible question & answer experiences across an organization’s knowledge base. Chatbots enable businesses to personalize the customer experience, save costs of customer engagements, and more. The new chatbot development feature of the Nintex Process Platform allows users to leverage their own generative AI models to build chatbots across a variety of use cases.

  • There will also be costs involved in automating your business expense management, so it’s a good idea to look at what your return on investment (ROI) is compared to those initial costs.
  • Without the help of expense management automation, the reimbursement process is traditionally done manually.
  • Automation can help detect and alert management on cases such as duplicate entries, incorrect payments, and unauthorized expenses, all of which could be indications of fraud.
  • It also provides a travel and expense management system that streamlines travel planning, policy compliance, expense recording, and collection of visa and health information of travelers.
  • Employees will have to ensure that they have the appropriate documentation following the expense.

Which Expense Management Tasks Can Be Automated?

This is why you’ll need to let your employees know what the benefits of expense management automation are. Familiarize your employees with your expense management automation tools and help them get onboarded. Make sure that you’re answering any queries that your employees may have regarding the new system. One thing that sets apart expense management automation from traditional processes is that you can do things faster due to the ability to access your data and workflows from anywhere at any time.

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expense management automation

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