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Drag the Words

Create text-based drag and drop tasks

A free HTML5 based question type allowing creatives to create text based challenges where users are to drag words into blanks in sentences. Excellent for language training among other things. 


Drag the Words allows content designers to create textual expressions with missing pieces of text. The end user drags a missing piece of text to its correct place, to form a complete expression.

May be used to check if the user remembers a text she has read, or if she understands something. Helps the user think through a text.

It’s super easy to create a drag the words task. The editor just writes the text and encloses the words that are to be draggable with asterix signs like *draggableWord*.


  • Add as many expressions and missing pieces of text as you like
  • A hint may be added to each missing piece of text
  • Drag the Words can be included in PresentationInteractive video and Question set content types



In this example we’ve included a tip for the first blank, other then that we’re using the default settings.

Instant Feedback

In this example, we’ve enabled instant feedback so that learners get feedback instantly as they match words with blanks.

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